We carry out comprehensive full field reviews based on well-defined workflows for each of the aspects of geology, geophysics, geo-modelling, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and production technology. Our high-quality results help in well-informed drilling decision-making
A Full Field Review is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary integrated re-evaluation of all basic reservoir characterization data, dynamic reservoir and well performance data as well as relevant surface facilities pertaining to an oil or gas field to maximize knowledge and understanding of the field. It plans to maximize full lifecycle value of the field as a key component of integrated reservoir management.

Brownfield FFRs will add significant value by identifying potential production and reserves optimization opportunities in and around brown fields.  Most value is added by questioning prevailing assumptions, seeking and explaining anomalies, finding creative solutions and looking for opportunities to add value through application of new technologies. The importance of mutually optimizing the reservoir, wells and surface facilities cannot be over-emphasized.
Alternative static and dynamic realizations of the reservoirs are tested under different operating strategies via reservoir models to search for additional development opportunities, not only within the field under study but also in its geographic proximity so as to utilize and/or build upon the existing surface facilities and infrastructure.

FFRs also help in justifying reserves reclassification of probable and possible reserves into higher categories. Alternatively, they can identify appraisal and data requirements to justify such reserves reclassification.
Predevelopment FFRs are standard industry practice, their value is well understood and are prerequisites to development approval by regulatory authorities and budget sanction by corporations.