Field Development Plan (FDP) Training Course :

Participants on this training course will gain a good understanding of how multi-disciplinary, integrated teams within oil and gas companies collaborate to identify the best way to develop an oil or gas field. The training course highlights the roles of the wide range of scientific, technical, commercial and business disciplines that contribute to making complex decisions, involving very large investments, while dealing with large amounts of uncertainty.
This PetroKnowledge course is designed to equip early- and mid-career professionals (geoscience, engineering and commercial) for working within integrated, multi-disciplinary teams on international development projects, and for future oil business leadership roles.

Objectives :

  • Have an understanding of the work of the integrated field development planning team on international oil and gas projects
  • Have practical skills and work tools that will be of direct use to them in their future project work
  • Understand the background to the industry, and the underlying science of oil and gas formation
  • Recognize the importance of effective early planning decisions (concept selection and ‘front - end loading’) in delivering successful projects.