Mineral exploration is to unlock an economic mineral deposit beneath the earth. The trade in mineral resources has long been an important part of the world economy. The discovery of a mineral deposit can transform a piece of land into a new economic asset, and it may enable millions or billions of dollars’ worth of metals and minerals to be used for human purposes and contribute significantly to country GDP.

Mineral resources are found all around us: These minerals get used all around us – they go into our houses, cars, infrastructure, jewellery, electronics even inside our computers and cell-phones ... All countries need various mineral materials and these are widely traded in the stock markets. Therefore, making an economic mineral discovery is the goal of many teams around the world, but these efforts can also be extremely difficult, costly, and time- consuming. As any endeavour having a strong team is a key determiner for success.
With this in mind, OilStreamServices can provide top quality experts for in the field of mineral resources exploration and production to support the mining and quarrying sector.
The training that  “oilstreamservices” offers focuses on building the professional capacities of mining personnel and providing a comprehensive mineral exploration production road map and the steps on how to maximise odds of success by using data to add value throughout the entire process, this include but not limited to.

Proven way to success is by integrating a strong team with a valuable data sets. Training the team on how to best collect analyse and interpret historical and current data information throughout the exploration is crucial and OilStreamServices training program is ready to provide all the support you need.

Objectives :

  • Understanding the host lithologies of the mineralization and the rocks located in the immediate environment of the deposits, the knowledge of mineral substances and the mastery of open pit and underground mining techniques.
  • Exploration Strategy.
  • Methods of studying ore in situ and in the laboratory.
  • Discovery.
  • De-risking.
  • Profitability of the mining deposit.
  • Preparation of the open-air and underground firing plan.
  • Surface and underground mining exploitation techniques.
  • Production decision.